Nepalese Adventure Dining ~ August 2nd

A taste for Nepalese adventure and traditional food…. Come along and spice up your evening with some delicious food, some new friends and some fresh inspiration about another part of our wonderful world: Nepal.

A 10% discount on food is offered by blue sky stuff/Yak und yeti to all guests.


Traditional Nepalese Cusine
Hofmühlgasse 21, 1060 Wien
(13A St. Esterhazygasse; U4 St. Pilgramgasse)
Evening hosted by Madalina Serban.

blue sky stuff, an Austrian cultural association developing and supporting a number of community initiatives, is inviting people in and around Vienna to join a dining evening with traditional Nepalese cusine and shared stories about Nepal. Dining will take place on August 2nd, 2013, starting 7PM, in the YAK & YETI restaurant on Vienna’s 6th district Hofmühlgasse.

The dinner on the upcoming August 2nd is the latest of the Adventure Dining get-together events, and the first of a series on Nepal. The series will be hosted by Madalina Serban, a young Romanian woman who will be sharing her stories of discoveries, true happiness and harsh, but meaningful personal growth she experienced during the months she spent there in the autumn of 2011, and also of her life before and after.

Born December 1st, 1978 in Bucharest, Romania, Madalina spent the first 29 years of her life in her home town with the belief the place one was born into, was the place where the accomplishments should come. Soon after having embraced an international career in marketing and online communications, the world opened as she started her first travels within Europe. Her understanding changed and she become to think of the possibility of living in a less hectic place than Bucharest still was 15 years after the communism had fallen down. The end of 2008 brought Vienna into her life and a journey that would last almost four years began: she moved to Austria to continue her work and life. Yet, she walked on a far more truthful path in the late summer of year 2011, when she left her job and her career that far, to follow an inner call. The trip to Nepal that followed proved to be the beginning to a new chapter.

Madalina’s life-changing experience, her love for children and Nepal everafter, is all captured in the book she decided to publish soon after her return to Europe in spring 2012. All paperback and e-book royalties are donated to Nepal Volunteers’ Hand Children Home that hosted her for the last five weeks of her stay in Nepal. To learn more about the book, One Love Journey, visit its Facebook page. To get your copy, go here. To meet the children who changed Madalina’s life for good, get to know A Hand for A Hand of Dreams program she built and dedicated to them: .

blue sky stuff inspires and motivates people to find and follow their passion, and it has organised and promoted learning and cultural events in English around Vienna since 2001. It was registered as a Moedling based international cultural verein in 2008.

facebook registration here…
email to Madalina through facebook here

July 18th Happiness Hotspot

Happiness Hotspot in Vienna,s 7th district


An Austrian cultural and community organisation Blue Sky Stuff  that works on a number of community initiatives is offering people in and around Vienna a moment or two of happiness with an invitation to WIRR and aacollections tonight July 18th at 2100.


Blue Sky Stuff “inspires and motivates people to find and follow their passion”, and it has organised and promoted learning and cultural events in English around Vienna since 2001. It was registered as a Moedling based international cultural verein in 2008.


The event tonight marks the Vienna launch of the “Happiness Hotspots“, a project promoted by blue sky stuff under . It includes a reduced price drink, a moment of happiness with Nigel, and a small group art talk with the artist Alessa Esteban whose show opens tonight.

Happiness Hotpsots combine people with passion and spaces with energy, and tonights event is hosted by Nigel Stonham, MBA , who founded Blue Sky Stuff and has been its so called “Chief Happiness Officer” since 2007.

Since moving to the 7th district in April , Nigel has been scouting for local spaces full of energy, and mapping them into a website to share with local and global people with passion. The list of Vienna locations can be found on

WIRR, at Burggasse 70,  is a regular haunt of many happy locals, and combines an outside bar, indoor locations on the ground floor, and a nacht cafe downstairs

aacollections, at Burggasse 68,  is an art space that has been running for over a year, with new shows every two weeks

Just turn up tonight and join the fun, smile with nigel, and meet some locals.  Register at or contact:- nigelstonham at gmail dot com . Be there, or miss it !



jumpstARTspace is about artists and spaces connected with .

people with passion in spaces with energy

Thursday 18th July 2013, collaborating with Aa collections presentation of , and after the event from 6 to 8 pm …..

blue sky stuff is HAPPY to bring you from 9 to 11 a small and intimate opportunity to gather locally at  taking in the art from Mick Sattler, to visit the show Kitty Riot next door at , and to talk about stuff under the blue sky… by invitation, members and guests, rsvp, facebook

we are very happy to mention the following in connection with this event ….  …  … …   … … Our Street … … … viennaexplorer …  … …  … … … …

Coming events…. Indian Adventure Dining, Kurgestan Adventure Dining, Nepali Adventure Dining , …

CRY Uganda, update

full project

Just got news from Joe that he organised a mini gaming challenge on Saturday…. 16 kids.

I suggested we also chat about setting up at CRY in Kampala…. a project from , with skill we could set it up at Beyond Youth Sports too

I put Felix in touch with Joseph and Joe this morning, he has appeared on the scene with finance skills and energy. He has helped today with the Our Street Kampala project, which is taking shape , info on the

Several members of internations are asking for concrete details on how to get involved

I also asked if she would be interested to go to Kampala to run a training weekend…. on IT skills for teen girls.

and , I can ask about a lean start weekend event there too….

working to get the Lernakademie portal active and live so the teens can start to learn, so the more they learn the more they can earn later

groups for people to join here to contact others on project and with coaching/mentoring queries* teens and upwards *
, teens/women only group
, teens/men only group
, for all, and when i say ALL, i mean it

will ask Christine at Aux Gazelles later today for her support in Morocco, and Hussein for Libya, and Ossiri for Ivory Coast, perhaps and Los Angeles….

bikes, trikes and bobby cars


perhaps … get alll people to come along with their toddlers…. trikes, bikes and bobbys….. races for kids around the circuit, sandpit in the play area, and suported by norbert and the wine bar there…… perhaps with warming drinks for alll……

krawany, radgroup, bobby, trikes,

area for 2nd hand sales, kids jumble area,

warming drinks and stuff

sandpit networking training

unconditional love on display….

spreading love and happiness, driven by passion


inspiring people run for their life…..

something new, a friend of a friend, and that said a friend i only made yesterday, who came to me through another friend i havent met in person yet. does that make this moment of inspiration to far removed from me directly to count ? lets see….
More bonuses
  • The contact came through this image posted on :- 
    so here goes, be inspired ?
    Work and Education
    • In spring of 2011 I ran Across America in 100 days averaging a marathon a day. Plus each of those days I gave a keynote speech to at-risk audiences.Today I am speaking around the country sharing the amazing lessons in my book “Dream Big Act Big. There is more awesome stuff at 


inspiring people, out of the box ?

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